The Interesting Life of London Escorts

Ever wondered what it’s like or takes to be an escort?

Not many people have had such thoughts, and if they did, their assumptions are most likely far from the truth. As a sex-worker in London, we have a robust and encouraging community. And why wouldn’t we if we are regularly seen as criminals and outsiders.

Therefore, to keep each other safe, I invest and spend most of my time with sex-worker-only spaces. This enables me to speak freely and just be myself in every possible way.

Like any other job, this too has its fair share of challenges and benefits. With such a supportive and understanding community, I have the privilege of speaking my mind and tackling issues that affect me on the job.

Sex-workers are stigmatized by society as unholy disgusting beings. This has made most of us afraid of coming out to our friends, family, partner and the community. I guess we want to be seen as rational human beings working to meet our needs. We want to belong.

Over the years, the central London sex life has seen some significant growth in escort agencies. More and more companies are coming up to ensure that the business stays legit and lawfully conducted. I think this is a good thing because there are plenty of other corporations who don’t like the idea and who can forcefully work together to see this venture rendered obsolete.

However, as much as forces are trying to shut down London escorts, the community here is much more reliable. Many escorts who’ve previously worked in other locations dictate that working in London has some significant advantages to it. But there is still room for improvement.

We can learn so much from countries such as Australia and New Zealand where sex work is fully decriminalized. Those countries have embraced diversity and have given the sex life industry and its community the opportunity of making something viable.

Of course, there are still regulations to keep the venture secure and productive. But the fact that they’ve embraced the industry and its people shows the actual degree of civilization.So, is this possible in central London? I would love to see that happening.

Being an escort is my passion. I love looking elegant and appealing. It entails being submissive, in control and pleasing your clients. I, for one especially love the last duty. To ensure that we get the best out of our venture, we have to enjoy being escorts.

London is a fantastic place, and although the escort life here is a bit challenging, I feel it could be more captivating in the future. The sex workers community is putting in significant efforts to ensure that our lifestyle is embraced and not rendered unlawful.

The Sex Workers’ Opera is one particular event that has managed to change the perspective of many people regarding sex life. It portrays everything from problems, benefits, opportunities to solutions in the industry.

Moreover, this event is entirely crowd-funded, which is an indication of a brighter tomorrow in being London escorts.