My Life Escorting In London

I live in the nice city of London. This city is filled with beauty, wonder and history. London is a magical city. It is a city visited by so many tourists. But I call this beautiful place home.To me London is where I gather with friends and family. London is where I work. My line of work may be less known about but is definitely in high demand.

I am a beautiful woman. I have long, luscious hair. My skin is soft as cotton. I have a beautiful nice smile. I have curves that would grab the attention of any man. With a busty upper body and curvy hips, my figure has served me well while escorting in London.My beauty goes beyond just the physical features. I have a beautiful character and a charming personality that captures the attention of all the men I serve.

I am a mature woman. I have gained much wisdom living the life I live. I have an inviting personality. I am comical. I can hold a good conversation. Being an escort goes beyond looking a certain way or serving my clients well. Having a good personality is apart of the job. Believe it or not a lot of the men I service are looking for companionship, someone to spend time with and wanting to escape from their day to day life.

The agencies here in London are real hush. Not much is mentioned about these agencies. But us girls that work for the escort agencies know each other. We stick together. For some of us girls, we are the only family we know of. My family knows very little about what I do. That is the way I would like to keep things. Their opinions and judgments could distract me from carrying out my work successfully.

I am not like some escorts. I have beauty, charm, character and a way of causing men to favor me over some other escorts at the agency. Tonight I will meet with one of my regulars. My services involve more than sexual rendezvous. I actually spend time bonding with my clients. As requested, dinner will come first. Then my client and I will end the evening in one of London’s nicest hotels.

This particular client and I meet weekly. On some occasions, we meet more than once a week. We always have dinner. We then retreat to a private hotel room. My client is not from here. Many clients I deal with are from a neighboring city. This particular client sends for a car to pick me up from my home. I ride in the car to the restaurant. At the restaurant, my client comes to greet me. We enjoy a fine meal. We laugh. We talk. We tell each other about our day. We finish our meal.

We ride together to the hotel. At the hotel, it is not solely sexual. We watch a movie. We laugh again. We talk more. In these moments, I feel as though clients learn escorts are more than the work they conduct. Finally, we end our night with an arousing sexual experience.